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                Fr. Tim Alkire, J.C.L.

Divine Mercy Vespers
Divine Mercy Conference
Audio Homily:  Easter 2018 (Partial)
Audio Homily:  Holy Thursday
Audio Homily:  2/25/18
Audio Homily:  1/21/18



Fr. Mark Walter

Audio Homily:  Holy Saturday 2018
Audio Homily:  3/18/18
Audio Homily:  1/7/18
Audio Homily:  Christmas 2017



Dcn. Mike Gray

Audio Homily:  4/15/18
Audio Homily:  3/11/18
Audio Homily:  11/5/17
Audio Homily:  9/24/17





Dcn. Ron Nevinger

Audio Homily:  Good Friday 2018
Audio Homily:  12/31/17
Audio Homily:  12/3/17



Fr. Stephen Duquaine

Audio Homily:  Easter 2018
Audio Homily:  3/25/18
Audio Homily:  1/14/18
Audio Homily:  1/1/18




Fr. Zeljko Guberovic

Audio Homily:  3/4/17









Homilies of

Fr. Richard Miller

Homily 1-1
Homily 1-2
Homily 7/23/00
Homily 7/30/00
Homily 10/1/00
Homily 3-1
Homily 3-2
Homily 2-4-01
Homily 2-18-01
Homily 2-28-01



Parish Mission Days 2018
Fr. Zeljko Guberovic

Sunday evening, March 4
Monday evening, March 5
Tuesday evening, March 6
Wednesday evening, March 7
Thursday evening, March 8




Fr. Ricardo Pineda,
Fathers of Mercy
Homily for 8/27/17


40 Hours - 2017

Fr. Tim Alkire - Part 1

Fr. Tim Alkire - Part 2

Mary Schnerre Singing "There's a Wideness in God's Mercy"
(This is in no way a professional recording.  You will hear a baby cry out now and then and a huge earthquake of a sneeze at the end.  But, that is St. Boniface!)

Fr. Zeljko Guberovic
Men's Retreat Speaker

Fr. Paul Nadolny, SVD
Mission Appeal
Divine Word Missionaries



Parish Mission Days


Fr. Jeff Martin's Homily


Fr. Eric Underwood's Homily



Fr. Tim presents a reflection on Fr. Michael Gaitley's book "The Second Greatest Story".



Fr. Tim is leading a retreat on Marian Consecration using Fr. Michael Gaitley's book "33 Days to Morning Glory".

Morning Glory part 1
Morning Glory part 2
Morning Glory part 4
Morning Glory part 5

Women's Retreat with
Sally Robb
October 24, 2015


Sally's Second Talk

Sally's Third Talk


Fr. Matthew Habiger, OSB PhD 

Homily on
"Culture of Life"
Nov. 2, 2014





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