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Project Gianna

Project Gianna helps mothers and babies with their physical, material, spiritual and emotional needs.

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What a wonderful world it would be if the beginning of each new life was met with excitement and joy. Unfortunately, the realization that a new "God-given treasure" (as St. Gianna referred to each baby) will be arriving is sometimes cause for stress and fear.

  • Where will the money come from?
  • How can I care for a baby?
  • Why now - I'm not ready!
  • What will people think?

All these concerns seem so much more manageable when you are able to face them with friends. At Project Gianna, that's just what you'll find. For what is a friend if not someone to provide non-judgmental, unconditional love and support for both you and your baby.

This ministry consists of volunteers from our churches working with community agencies to help mothers during unplanned pregnancies. Here you will find material support and spiritual strength. You'll also find hugs and smiles and a future for you both in a world that definitely says, "welcome".

Contact Us

If we can help, please call 765-583-1444

The Project Gianna Office is located in the St. Philomena Center on the campus of

St. Boniface Parish
816 North Street
Lafayette, IN 47901








About St. Gianna Molla

St. Gianna is a special patron of women who wish to become pregnant, for all pregnant women, and especially for those women who are experiencing pre-birth difficulties. She loved children dearly.

During her life, St. Gianna was a mother of four and devoted to God and the salvation of souls by living her Catholic Faith. She was a compassionate doctor and loving wife and mother. She had a deep respect for God's wonderful gift of human life; although she could have saved her life by abortion, on April 28, 1962 she heroically gave her life in order that her last daughter might live.

On December 20, 2003 the Holy Father accepted the Decree of Canonization, and the Canonization Ceremony took place on May 16, 2004. St. Gianna has a special way of captivating the hearts of those who pray to her, and those who wish to know her better - men or women, it matters not.

St. Gianna Prayer

St. Gianna, you responded faithfully to God's gift of life, even to the point of giving your own to save the life of another. Help us to know the ways that God wants us to respond to this beautiful gift. Help us, life you, to be faithful to God at every moment of our lives. Amen.


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